Clandestine Laboratories

The majority of clandestine drug labs in the United States manufacture methamphetamine (meth). These labs are set up in motels, houses, apartments, storage units, and vehicles. Hazardous chemicals are used which can contaminate structural materials, furnishings, wastewater systems and soils. Proper testing and subsequent decontamination is necessary to reduce the public health risks of injuries and hazardous exposures associated with clandestine drug labs. Drugs that can be used to manufacture meth can be bought over the counter at local stores; these drugs are mixed with other common ingredients to make meth.

Illegal Drug Lab

Andersen’s professionals can provide site assessments, sampling and remediation protocol, as well as, post remediation sampling and verification. Andersen has the experience and equipment necessary to provide these services in a professional, effective, and efficient manner.

Andersen can provide the following services:

  • Initial Response & Physical On-site Inspection
  • Collection, and Sample Analysis by Certified Industrial Hygienist
  • Decontamination Program
  • Complete Process Documentation & Post Decontamination Verification Sampling
  • Closure Report / “Fit for Occupancy”

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