ALTA Survey

The American Land Title Association (ALTA) specifies the ALTA Land Title Survey requirements that a Title Company, Attorney, or Lender needs for a real estate transaction and/or to issue title or mortgage insurance on a property. This comprehensive land survey is called an ALTA Survey. ALTA Surveys are quite complex and usually are performed on commercial properties.


Data maps that meet ALTA survey specifications include boundary lines, main building location and improvements, ancillary building locations, and easement areas (access rights by service companies like water, gas, or telephone utilities). Based on client needs, optional information may be included on the plat as well, such as land contours or location of underground utilities.

Why should I have an ALTA Survey?

ALTA Surveys tell you – and your Lender or Title Company – the existing conditions and potential future uses of the property you’re buying. Having an ALTA Survey will allow the Title Company to remove the survey exception from a title insurance policy.

The ALTA Survey helps protect your investment before you commit funds to purchasing, planning, or developing the property. You don’t want to discover boundary line conflicts or property restrictions after the fact. For these reasons, an ALTA Land Title Survey has become a standard element of many developers’ feasibility studies.

Andersen Services:

For more than 10 years qualified Andersen personnel have been performing ALTA Surveys in compliance with up-to-date Minimum Standard Detail Requirements (as specified by ALTA, the National Society of Professional Surveyors, and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping).

Our ALTA maps can identify:

  • All land survey data required by current ALTA minimum specs
  • Easements that might benefit or encumber the property
  • Possible boundary line encroachments
  • Public street access
  • Property zoning and setback requirements
  • Flood zones
  • Water boundaries
  • Evidence of use by unauthorized parties
  • Cemeteries
  • Names of adjoining property owners

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