Transportation Airports

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) - Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), LA / Ontario International Airport (ONY), Van Nuys Airport (VNY).

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Andersen has over five years of experience providing LAWA facilities, specifically LAX, with environmental consulting and testing services.


Andersen has provided the following services at LAWA facilities:

  • Asbestos, lead, and mold testing & abatement monitoring
  • Indoor air quality and safety
  • Soil testing
  • Pipeline testing and removal monitoring
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Environmental site assessments

Public Safety

Andersen is usually requested to conduct its services in active terminals and runways, including high security areas that are used by Federal agencies. Due to the challenges of working with hazardous materials in a high traffic space, we are extremely conscious of the sensitivity of the type of work that is conducted and the different segments of the public that are affected. Andersen conducts itself with a very high level of professionalism and safety to eliminate and/or address any concerns from the public.


Andersen currently maintains a team of personnel that are directly experienced in providing said services in an active airport setting. The team is ready to provide services on emergency basis, as well as ongoing project support on any shift or combination of shifts (e.g. overnight), and in any area of an airport including landside, airside, and customs areas.


Andersen has provided project support to many of the national construction firms currently working at LAX. Specific client and project references are available upon request.


Please contact the following should you need support at any one of LAWA’s facilities or airport throughtout the United States.

Office: 310-854-5453